Fragmentation - the installation


Developed during a residency at Dance 4, Nottingham UK in October and November 2002 and presented as a work in progress in the Now Festival, Nottingham, Nov 15, 2002, this work explores ideas relating to broken lives and families, how documentary technology delivers only fragments of information, how, even though it links people, technology also fragments, and how, for example, newspapers and mobile phones influence relationships between people in social situations. Choreographic, video, text and sound material were developed/resourced exploring/reflecting these ideas alongside set, lighting states and installations that enhance physical and visual fragmentation.

Direction and Visuals: Suzon Fuks
Choreography: James Cunningham, Suzon Fuks and Rob Tannion
Performers: James Cunningham and Rob Tannion
Lighting Designer: Iain Court
Production Assistant: Jill Webster
Supported by: Dance4 (Line of Enquiry program), Visiting Arts, Regional Arts Lottery Program, Nottingham Trent University, The NOW Festival, and University College of Northhampton