Shannanigans in Europe

Us di¯rectors (Suzon & I) get up to luscious good things whilst artists in residence in Munich, with side trips to other (relatively) nearby locales. Just these last two weeks, we gave comments on papers presented at the OffTheLip17 conference by researchers at CogNovo — Plymouth University’s Cognitive Innovation research centre. We then participated in discussions on data visualisation at DataPlay7, a joint initiative of Plymouth council and i-DAT. The main attraction of Devon for us, was presenting our FLUIDATA soundscape (the “talking bowls” with interviews and creek sounds), and leading a walkshop, Creekwalk — Challenging ‘Getting There’ and Exploring ‘Being Here’, in Balance/Unbalance 2017.

We saw and heard interesting papers and works, and met many wonderful people, including one who might turn out to be a collaborator with us in a future project.