ISEA2013 presentation

Waterwheel Patch Presentation - ISEA2013, University of Sydney

– posted by James Cunningham –

Suzon, Ian and I give our 16 minute presentation “Waterwheel Patch” at ISEA2013 at the University of Sydney. Participating with us via Skype and OSC were Russell Milledge and Rebecca Youdell of Bonemap (Cairns, Aus), Mary Armentrout and Marcia Scott (San Francisco, USA), and Kate Genevieve and Evelyn Ficarra (Brighton, UK). ISEA delegate Brisa Mp from Santiago, Chile, volunteered participation on the day in the presentation space, and Adegreden-Adhari Donora from Sumatra participated in the research but not on the day of the presentation. 5-minute edited version of the video documentation follows:

Full video document is here