Liquid Skin



Stuttgarter Zeitung:

As a wanderer between worlds, James Cunningham peels himself from a membrane to live on in a fading body, which still holds the memory of the gold of kings.


Very strong images fit for Documenta.

A dark pool of water is a source from which faces emerge and dissolve. Mutation arises. Glistening transparent plastic forms and computer-generated video merge with the human body. A man is augmented by technology and at the same time manipulated. His life story unfolds from birth, through development, encounters with various creatures, a battle, a meeting with “death”, and the passing beyond a veil. Movement, transparent puppets, video art and spatialised sound form a combination of ancient and hi-tech imagery, mirrored in a liquid skin of water.

Puppets: Frank Soehnle
Direction & Projections: Suzon Fuks
Performers: James Cunningham & Frank Soehnle (2005), James Cunningham & Bruce Ellison (2006)
Choreography: James Cunningham
Music: Bobvan
Lighting: Karen Ersching (2005), Iain Court (2006)
Co-Producers: Figurentheater Tübingen, Germany; des airs, Belgium
Commissioned by: Theater der Welt 2005

– Puppentheatrer festival, Magdeburg (in-progress showing)
– Theater der Welt Festival, Stuttgart

– Strasbourg, France
– Bielsko-Biala, Poland