Thanatonauts - Navigators of Death


Cheryl Stock, Head of Dance, QUT:

Thanatonauts impressed me by its depth and integrity of research, in both content and the mediums of performance. Two apparently disparate styles (post modern dance and South Indian martial arts) are integrated into a seamless and contemporary kinetic language.

On the theme of death, this work was informed by the site architecturally, historically and by personal stories told by people of the place. We imagined death as an unknown land with different moods and different aspects, a place that can be visited. Seven “territories” were installed in various sites around and throughout the venue. A different territory was presented each day for a week with video documents of previous days fed into each new day’s piece. The work combines ritual, dance, Kalaripayattu (South Indian martial art), pre-recorded and live video projection, site-specific installation, sound and light. Some pieces could be viewed from the outside, while others enabled the audience to move with, or be immersed by, it.

Direction: Suzon Fuks
Choreography: James Cunningham & Suzon Fuks
Performers: James Cunningham, Vinildas Gurukkal, Nathan Tight & Suzon Fuks
Guest performers for territories 5 & 6: Hanna Jenkin, Kamal Krishna, Scotia Monkivitch, Leah Mercer & Stacey Callaghan
Visuals: Suzon Fuks & Marion Conrow
Editing: Charlotte Cutting, Marion Conrow & Suzon Fuks
Videography (document): Faramarz K-Rahber
Production Assistance: The Arterial Group
Soundscape for territory 6: Andrew Kettle
Supported by Brisbane Powerhouse Centre for the Live Arts.

Festival L’Attitude 27.5°, Brisbane Powerhouse Centre for the Live Arts