Wetland Wander in Cleveland


Immerse yourself in the beauty and fragility of one of the earth’s most valuable ecosystems — ‘Wetland Wander’ installation, free event at the Redland Performing Arts Centre.

Art meet science in this exhibition, open until 27 September 1pm at the Cleveland venue..

Led by wetland ecologist Dr Fernanda Adame, the exhibition invites art-lovers on a walk through wetland habitats through a duel channel video by Suzon Fuks and James Cunningham (Igneous) with 3D soundscapes by Leah Barclay.

The exhibition also draws on knowledge from current and traditional landowners within Quandamooka and Nywaigi, Gulgnay and Girramay countries.

Screen work are also exhibited at the Redland Arts Gallery in Cleveland until 28 October 2019.

Redland Performing Arts Centre, Cleveland, Queensland
Immersive installation with duel channel video and 3D soundscape