Waterwheel Installation Performance


A participatory installation performance developed during a residency at the Judith Wright Centre. Anna Yen – performer on site – guides audience through a journey exploring water, and discovering the uses of the Waterwheel platform and its videoconferencing/media mixing system, the Tap.

ONLINE CREW: Amin Hammami, Cherry Truluck, Hedva Eltanani, Katarina DJ Urošević, Maartje Belmer (choreography & project assistant) and Aafke de Jong (dramaturgy)
ONSITE CREW (Brisbane): Suzon Fuks (director, devisor, concept), Anna Yen (devisor-performer), Nathen Street (interactive system design), James Cunningham (external eye, devisor & go between), Doug Leonard (poem & dramaturgy), Jeff Turpin (window panels), Laura Steiner (documenter), Felicity Organ-Moore (light & production), Will Davies (IT) and Dawn Albinger (voice over).